Cajon Pedal. 100 Series

Cajon Pedal. 100 Series

Product Code: PCP100

The Promuco 100 Series cajon pedal offers the perfect way to expand your cajon playing to include a kick drum element. Ideal for multi-instrumentalists and buskers, this pedal frees up your hands for playing other accompanying instruments alongside your cajon.

Featuring a single chain drive with an adjustable spring recoil, 1-meter-long remote cable, adjustable height felt beater, sturdy steel construction with footplate, easy-to-use adjustment points, and a cajon bracket for stable and secure attachment to all standard size cajons. The metal footplate features a non-marring, anti-slip rubber base and clamp for guaranteed stability and minimal movement.

The soft felt beater is specially designed to produce an authentic cajon tone and is height adjustable for striking the cajon at varying positions to achieve different responses and pitches.

- Designed to Fit All Standard Size Cajons
- Perfect for Multi-Instrumentalists & Buskers
- Frees Up Your Hands for Playing Accompanying Instruments
- Anti-Slip Footplate with Non-Marring Rubber Base
- Single Chain with Adjustable Spring Recoil
- Adjustable Height Felt Beater Designed to Produce an Authentic Cajon Tone
- Non-Marring Felt Cajon Attachment Pad
- Steel Construction
- Easy-To-Use Adjustment Points
- Remote Cable Length: 1m